Command Prompt for Windows

Start Menu Programs

The system menu contains the Programs option, which when selected will display a sub-menu containing the Start Menu folders, as below :-

Using large or small icons

The option Small icons will display item icons half size. Similarly, the option Large icons will display item icons actual size :-

Running a program

Select the desired Start Menu folder or Program Manager group to display a new sub-menu containing all the program items in the folder or group. Simply select one of the items to run the respective program.

Folder Icons

The following Start Menu folder icon is used for the respective operating systems :-

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista, 7 and 8

Icon Cache

If the Programs menu is to slow, there is a built-in cache that can be switched on or off. The cache creates a sub-directory called CACHE under the WinOne® Command Prompt installation directory and is used to store the icons that are used to create the Programs menu. The cache is off by default and can be switched on in the Program Menu options under the Misc tab. See Miscellaneous Options for more information on the icon cache.