Command Prompt for Windows

Special Characters

There are a number of characters that have a special meaning and when encountered by WinOne®, the respective course of action will be taken. The special characters include :-

Character Name Meaning
( or ) Brackets Command Grouping
{ or } Braces Command Grouping
& Ampersand Command Separator
" Double Quote Marks Strings
> Greater Then Sign Redirection
< Less Then Sign Redirection
| Vertical Bar Redirection
^ Hat Over-ride any special meaning attached to the next character

To over-ride any special meaning attached to any of the special characters in the above table precede the character with a Hat character (ie. ' ^ '). Similarly, to specify a Hat character simply include two Hat characters (eg. ECHO ^^ ).

When a special character appears in a string then there is no need to use the Hat character, since any special meaning that may have been associated to the character is automatically ignored when the character appears in a string. Similarly, there is no need to use the Hat character when specifying the expr parameter for command CALC, command LET, command IF, command DO, command WHILE or command UNTIL.