Command Prompt for Windows


The following images are thumbnails of the WinOne® Command Prompt, highlighting various features that are included in the package.

To see the full size screenshot, simply click on the thumbnail and it will open up on a new page. Use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.

The default startup screen for the main Window, displaying some important system information values and a handy tip. The colour scheme is set to Default.
The same startup screen as the previous screenshot, but with the colour scheme set to Emerald Forest.
Another start screen, but with the background set to LIGHTIN.BMP (which is included in the package).
A directory listing displayed by the command DIR, using the Default colour scheme.
The same directory listing as the previous screenshot, but with the Emerald Forest colour scheme.
Pinging using the Windows operating system console program PING.EXE, running under Console Emulation. The Console Emulator colourises the output of a few commonly used console programs, with the colour scheme currently set. In this screenshot it is Emerald Forest.
CMD.EXE running under Console Emulation in the main Window. The output of CMD.EXE is not colourised by the Console Emulator.
Custom user definable buttons added to the button bar at the top of the main Window. The background in this screenshot is LEAVES.BMP.
The Programs System Menu displaying all the programs found in the Windows Start Menu.