Command Prompt for Windows

Package Contents

The WinOne® Command Prompt package is distributed in a ZIP archive and both the Shareware (trial) version and the Registered (full) version contain the following files :-

Compressed FileUncompressed FileDescription
SETUP.EXE setup.exe Setup Program
SETUP.TXT setup.txt Setup Readme File
APPSETUP.IN_appsetup.infSetup Installation File
INSTALL.EX_ install.exe Install Program
UNINST.EX_ uninst.exe Uninstall Program
TROUBLE.TXT trouble.txt Helpful Tips
WIN_ONE.CH_ win_one.chm WinOne® Command Prompt Html Help File
WIN_ONE.EX_ win_one.exe WinOne® Command Prompt
CLOSE.PI_ close.pif Default PIF file
INACTIVE.PI_inactive.pifDefault PIF file
DLGEDIT.EX_ dlgedit.exe Dialog Editor
LEAVES.BM_ leaves.bmp Background Image LEAVES
LIGHTNIN.BM_lightnin.bmpBackground Image LIGHTNING
NEBULA.BM_ nebula.bmp Background Image NEBULA
SKYLINE.BM_ skyline.bmp Background Image SKYLINE
ARGS.EX_ args.exc External Command ARGS
DOS2UNIX.EX_dos2unix.excExternal Command DOS2UNIX
DUPLICAT.EX_duplicat.excExternal Command DUPLICAT
FUNC.EX_ func.exc External Command FUNC
GOTHIC.EX_ gothic.exc External Command GOTHIC
JUNCTION.EX_junction.excExternal Command JUNCTION
LOGO.EX_ logo.exc External Command LOGO
MD5.EX_ md5.exc External Command MD5
MERGE.EX_ merge.exc External Command MERGE
SBANNER.EX_ sbanner.exc External Command SBANNER
SPLIT.EX_ split.exc External Command SPLIT
TAIL.EX_ tail.exc External Command TAIL
TOUCH.EX_ touch.exc External Command TOUCH
UNCOMP.EX_ uncomp.exc External Command UNCOMP
UNIX2DOS.EX_unix2dos.excExternal Command UNIX2DOS
UNTAR.EX_ untar.exc External Command UNTAR
UNZIP.EX_ unzip.exc External Command UNZIP
UUDECODE.EX_uudecode.excExternal Command UUDECODE
UUENCODE.EX_uuencode.excExternal Command UUENCODE
BATCH.TX_ batch.txt Batch File Examples
4ROW.BA_ 4row.bat Batch File 4ROW
ANIMAL.BA_ animal.bat Batch File ANIMAL
ELIZA.BA_ eliza.bat Batch File ELIZA
MAZE.BA_ maze.bat Batch File MAZE
STONES.BA_ Stones.bat Batch File STONES
WOCMX.DL_ wocmx.dll Context Menu Library
WOCMX.EX_ wocmx.exe Context Menu Exectuable
WOE32.EX_ woe32.exe Console Emulation
WOLD32.EX_ wold32.exe Console Emulation Loader
WOS32.DL_ wos32.dll Win32 Server Library
WOS32.EX_ wos32.exe Win32 Server
WODIB.DL_ wodib.dll Bitmap Library
WOI.DL_ woi.dll Button Library
WOEXT.EX_ woext.exe Multiple Extension Association
ARGS.CP_ args.cpp External Command ARGS Source
ARGS.XV_ args.vcproj External Command ARGS Project
ARGS.FV_ args.vcproj.filters EExternal Command ARGS Project Filters
MERGE.CP_ merge.cpp External Command MERGE Source
MERGE.FV_ merge.vcproj.filters External Command MERGE Project Filters
MERGE.XV_ merge.vcproj External Command MERGE Project
SPLIT.CP_ split.cpp External Command SPLIT Source
SPLIT.FV_ split.vcproj.filters External Command SPLIT Project Filters
SPLIT.XV_ split.vcproj External Command SPLIT Project
TOUCH.CP_ touch.cpp External Command TOUCH Source
TOUCH.FV_ touch.vcproj.filters External Command TOUCH Project Filters
TOUCH.H_ touch.h External Command TOUCH Header
TOUCH.XV_ touch.vcproj External Command TOUCH Project
WOIO.C_ woio.c WOIO Source
WOIO.FV_ woio.vcproj.filters WOIO Project Filters
WOIO.H_ woio.h WOIO Header
WOIO.LI_ woio.lib WOIO Import Library
WOIO.XV_ woio.vcproj WOIO Project
WOMSG.H_ womsg.h WOIO Message Header
ICON.RC_ icon.rc WOIO Icon Resource
ICON1.IC_ icon1.ico WOIO ICON File

There are a number of additional WinOne® Command Prompt downloads that might be of interest, such as, extra External Commands, Games, Fonts and so on, that are available from the WinOne® Command Prompt web site :-


After WinOne® is installed, you can safely delete the WOIO sub-directory created in the WinOne® Command Prompt installation directory, if you never plain on writing/coding any External Commands for yourself.