Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 8.4

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt package has been completely recompiled using Microsoft's Visual C++ 2010 Express, instead of Borland's C++ 4.0x compiler. Any code that needed rewriting has been rewritten and any bugs that arose as part of the recompile has been fixed. This version is functionally identical to version 8.3.

    The WinOne® Command Prompt package consists of 37 separate VC++ projects, as the following screen shot shows :-

    There is another 10 or so additional projects that have not been converted at this time. They are less critical to the WinOne® Command Prompt package and will be converted at a later date.

    The Tool set used to compile the WinOne® Command Prompt is v90. This allows the WinOne® Command Prompt to still run on Windows 2000 and any newer version of Windows. If you require a version of WinOne® Command Prompt to run on Windows NT or an earlier version of Windows, please use WinOne® Command Prompt Version 8.3 instead.

    The WinOne® Command Prompt has been optimised for speed over size, as both memory and disk space is relatively inexpensive these days.

    The main reason for recompiling the WinOne® Command Prompt package with Microsoft's VC++ Compiler is to allow the WinOne® Command Prompt to move one step closer to a 64-bit platform and as a result of this, there are no new features in this release of the WinOne® Command Prompt.

  • Some internal optimisations and improvements.