Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 8.2

  • Merged the Dialog Editor html help and the WOIO SDK html help into the WinOne® html help file. Now there is only one help file, for all the features included in WinOne®, called WIN_ONE.CHM. The command HELP has been updated to no longer look for the other help files. It is safe to delete the WOIO.CHM and DLGEDIT.CHM files if found in the WinOne® installation directory.

  • The old WinOne® Website has also been merged into the WinOne® Help file. The information that is in the WIN_ONE.CHM file is now mirrored by the new WinOne® website.

  • Updated the WinOne® Help File to include lots more information about WinOne®. The WinOne® help file is now approximately 489 pages in size. That's almost double the previous number of pages.

  • Finished implementing a tool to convert the html help project into both a reference manual in PDF format, and a complete website for WinOne®. The new website can now be regenerated from scratch. It will also now be substantially easier to maintain the website and make sure it is up to date.

  • Major break-though, WinOne® no longer requires Administrator Privileges to be run. It can now run as a Standard User and still function as expected. Of course, if you require WinOne® to be run with Administrator privileges, it still can be done by right clicking on the WinOne® icon and selecting the pop-up menu option "Run as administrator".

    Since this update is so important, as WinOne® no longer requires Administrator Privileges to run, this version is free of charge for any customers that have purchased WinOne® version 8.1. Simply email me and once confirmed, I will forward a new registration number and download instructions to you.

  • Many internal optimisations and improvements.