Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 8.1

  • Added many new options to the Attributes... System menu tabs, including :-

    1. Screen tab now includes a new Text Selection option to set Transparent/Solid text highlight.
    2. Tab tab includes a new option to include hidden files and directories when expanding tabs.
    3. Merged the Program Run options with the Capture options into a new Program tab.
    4. Program tab includes the No Capture list to manage console programs that should not be captured. Can also manage the No Capture list using command CAPTURE.
    5. Misc tab includes lots of new options :-

      1. Update options now includes the last check date that the WinOne® Command Prompt checked for an update.
      2. Cache options for the Programs menu icons.
      3. Unix option to display Unix command line converted back to a DOS command line.
      4. Drive Bar options to easily toggle between using Windows default drive icons and Custom WinOne® Command Prompt icons. Also includes an new option to include hidden directories in the Drive Bar pop-up directory window.

  • Freshened up the Status Bar to look more realistic. Also, added orange to the list of available LCD colours. See the Colour tab for choosing Status Bar colours.

  • Updated the Drive Bar icons to display the correct icons on Windows Vista and above. Previously, only Windows XP drive icons where displayed. Also, the operating system fixed disk drive now includes the Windows logo overlayed on the drive icon displayed. This is only displayed on Windows Vista and above, when the "Windows drive icons" option is switched on. See the Drive Bar options in the Misc tab to change this setting.

  • New support for detecting USB disk drives and displaying the respective USB drive icon on the Drive Bar.

  • Added ellipses to shorten paths that do not fit in the Drive Bar pop-up directory window.

  • Added support for importing 32 bit icons (with or without alpha channel) from executables to be used as button images. See User Definable Buttons for more information on importing button images.

  • Completed all the wide and TCHAR functions for the WOIO SDK. The version number has been incremented to 4.8. The WOIO.CHM help file has also been completed and now includes all the new wide and TCHAR functions added to the SDK.

  • Started converting over to Unicode, all the external commands. About a third of the external commands are now unicode programs.

  • Improved the layout of the main WinOne® Command Prompt Help file WIN_ONE.CHM, which now includes several new headings to make the help file more intuitive to navigate and simpler to understand. Similar, all the WinOne® Command Prompt commands have been add to a new heading and they are all sorted in Alphabetical order to make finding commands a much simpler exercise. Previously, all commands were broken up into categories and if you did not know what category a command belonged to it was quite difficult to find the command.

  • Increased the version number to 1.7 Beta for the built-in WinOne® Console Emulator. The New version now contains independent ANSI and wide functions for all the APIs that have been emulated and it will no longer convert wide function calls to ANSI function calls and execute the ANSI function.

    The Console Emulator has also been tested using Karl M. Syring's port of a number of Unix commands to Win32 Console programs. The commands are free and can be downloaded from, as they are not included in the WinOne® Command Prompt package. They are all ANSI commands and do not support Unicode characters.

    The following commands have been tested :-

    basename.exe working
    bc.exe working
    bunzip2.exe working
    bzip2.exe working
    bzip2recover.exe working
    cat.exe working
    cksum.exe working
    cmp.exe working
    comm.exe working
    compress.exe working
    cp.exe not working
    date.exe working
    diff.exe working
    dirname.exe working
    du.exe working
    echo.exe working
    expand.exe working
    expr.exe working
    gunzip.exe working
    gzip.exe working
    head.exe working
    id.exe working
    list.exe partially working
    logname.exe working
    ls.exe working
    md5sum.exe working
    mv.exenot working
    zip.exenot working
    zsh.exenot working
    Any commands missing from the above list have yet to be tested! They may or may not be working.

  • Added UTF-8 and UTF-16 BE support to the WinOne® Command Prompt. The WinOne® Command Prompt now supports the following text formats :-

    1. ANSI
    2. UTF-8
    3. UTF-16 LE (Windows default encoding)
    4. UTF-16 BE

    Whenever the documentation refers to text, any of the above formats can be used. For example, for a Batch File.

  • Added the following new Unicode enhanced batch commands :-

    1. STRFOLD - Normalise or fold a unicode string.
    2. CHARNEXT - Determine the number of code-points in the first character of a string.
    3. CHARPREV - Determine the number of code-points in the last character of a string.

  • New command CHCP which allows the code page for ANSI text to be changed. Use command ACS to see the immediate changes for different code pages. Unicode text does not use code pages. Code pages only effects ANSI text used by console programs.

  • New /U switch for command DUMP which will display 16 bit characters instead of 8 bit characters. 16 bit characters are useful for dumping Unicode characters while 8 bit characters are useful for standard ANSI characters.

  • Updated the expression parser, which is used by commands CALC, LET, IF, DO, WHILE and UNTIL to allow environment variables to be used as operands in an expression. Now there is no need to include the %s when specifying an environment variable with in an expression. The environment variable can contain a number or a string and the parser will instantiate the environment variable at evaluation time.

  • New looping type commands including :-

    • WHILE - implements a WHILE..DO loop construct and provides conditional execution of one or more commands, zero or more times.
    • UNTIL - implements an UNTIL..DO loop construct and provides conditional execution of one or more commands, zero or more times.
    • DO - implements either a DO..WHILE loop or a DO..UNTIL loop, which provides conditional execution of one or more commands, one or more times.

    For example :-
    SET n=0
    SET sum=0
    WHILE (n < 5) DO {
        LET n=n + 1
        LET sum=sum + n
        ECHO %n%. Sum is %sum%
    will output :-

    1. Sum is 1
    2. Sum is 3
    3. Sum is 6
    4. Sum is 10
    5. Sum is 15
  • Updated command FOR to work with environment variables. By default command FOR uses replaceable variables for the loop, as below :-
    FOR %i is 1 to 10 DO {
        ECHO %i
    However, command FOR can also now use an environment variable instead of a replaceable variable, consider :-
    FOR count is 1 to 10 DO {
        ECHO %count%
  • Many internal optimisations and improvements.