Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 7.9

  • Updated the the WinOne® Command Prompt source code to use Message Crackers, Control APIs and Macro APIs included in the windowsx.h header file.

    Without going into to much technical detail, Windows programming is message based. These messages include 2 parameters called wParam and lParam. These parameters have encoded in them various data, that depends on the particular message begin sent or received. Under 32-bit Windows, wParam and lParam are both 32-bits wide. Under 64-bit Windows, wParam and lParam are both 64-bit wide and this is where the issues begin.

    Using Message Crackers, Control APIs and Marco APIs removes the need to directly work with wParam and lParam, resulting in source code that is bit-size independent. All that is needed is a new windowsx.h header file, that Microsoft provides, to recompile the source code from 32-bit to 64-bit or 128-bit and so on.

    There are a number of advantages when using Message Crackers, Control APIs and Marco APIs, including :-

    1. All the messaging code in a program is now portable to any bit-size.
    2. Message Crackers provide an elegant solution to handling messages in C++. Note: the WinOne® Command Prompt is not written using MFC.
    3. Improves source code readability. I was able to spot and fix several minor bugs along the way.

    This is only the first step that is needed to port the WinOne® Command Prompt from a 32-bit program to a 64-bit program. There are several other major steps needed to port the WinOne® Command Prompt to 64-bits. I expect the whole exercise to take about 12 months or more. Please note that the 32-bit version of the WinOne® Command Prompt works 100% on 64-bit windows.

  • Updated the icons used in the pop-up Drive Bar for Windows 7 and higher. Previously, the pop-up Drive Bar on Windows 7 (on wards) would display the same close folder icon for both open and closed folders. This was due to a change by Windows in the default icons available for the WinOne® Command Prompt to use.

  • Increased the version number to 1.5 Beta for the built-in WinOne® Console Emulator. The New version includes more emulated API functions and a number of internal improvements.

  • Command DIR now displays 3 extra file attributes, including :-

    1. I - file or directory is indexed for faster searches.
    2. C - file or directory is compressed to save disk space
    3. E - file or directory is encrypted to improve security
  • Command ATTRIB can now also set or unset the 3 extra file or directory attributes using +I, -I, +C, -C, +E or -E.

  • Fixed an issue with the token specifiers for Command FOR, which could result in the WinOne® Command Prompt crashing with an Access Violation. This will no longer happen.

  • Fixed an issue with the Button Bar separators, which could disappear the next time the WinOne® Command Prompt was run. This will no longer happen.

  • Fixed the Buy button to work correctly in the trial Shareware version of WinOne®.

  • Fixed a number of Help buttons that when pressed, did nothing. They now all work and display the correct Help File pages.

  • Many internal optimisations and improvements.