Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 7.8

  • Fixed many html formatting errors in the WinOne® Command Prompt help files.

  • Finished writing the tools needed to convert a .HHP help project into a .PDF document. As a result, the printable documentation is now available for registered customers to download in PDF format :-

    1. "the WinOne® Command Prompt User Manual.PDF" (250+ pages)
    2. "WOIO SDK Manual.PDF" (50+ pages)
    3. "Dialog Editor User Manual.PDF" (10+ pages)

  • Added ^C (ie. Ctrl C) and ^V (ie. Ctrl V) to copy and paste text to and from the clipboard respectively, when a region of text is marked on the WinOne® Command Prompt screen.

  • Fixed Drag and Drop which stopped working on Windows Vista onwards. Drag and Drop is now working on all operating systems including both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

  • Fixed .Lnk shortcut files to only launch the respective program only. The WinOne® Command Prompt will not longer wait for them to finish executing on 64-bit Windows. The option to Launch non-text mode programs only, in the Program tab in the Attrubutes... system menu, has no effect on .Lnk files as .Lnk files are not real programs.

  • Fixed the memory statistics displayed in various locations in the WinOne® Command Prompt to correctly display memory values greater the 4 Gigabtyes, such as, when the WinOne® Command Prompt starts and display Free System Memory, in the command MEM and in the About window.

  • New Console Emulator version 1.4 Beta, which includes the following new features :-

    1. Emulated many more functions. About 50% of all console functions are now done.

    2. Added some of the new .DLLs that first appeared in Windows 7. Still needs more work, but some of the console programs are now working under emulation. These DLLs include API-MS-WIN-CORE-CRT-L1-*.DLL, API-MS-WIN-CORE-CRT-L2-*.DLL, API-MS-WIN-CORE-LIBRARYLOADER-L1-*.DLL and so on.

    3. Fixed ^Z (ie. Ctrl Z) to work correctly for console programs whos input/output has been captured using Console Emulation. Pressing ^Z will signal to a console program that it has reach the End-Of-File for Standard Input. Pressing ^Z a second time will put the console program into the background. Use the TASKS command to close a console program that has been placed into the background.

    As a result, CMD.EXE is now partially working. Internal commands (such as, DIR) are working, but running external programs from CMD.EXE is still not working.

  • Updated command WHICH to display more information about an executable (ie. 32/64-bit and Console/GUI) and command WHICH now also checks all the various locations that the WinOne® Command Prompt checks when executing a program. Previously, it only checked the PATH environment variable.

  • Updated all the registry commands to include two new switches, that is, /32 and /64 which determines which view of the registry to perform the action on when the WinOne® Command Prompt is running under WOW4. This includes:-

    These new switches are ignored when the WinOne® Command Prompt is running on a 32-bit operating system.

  • New Program run rption added to the Program tab in the Attributes... system menu to Favour 64-bit GUI programs under WOW64. This option is switched on by default when the WinOne® Command Prompt is run on a 64-bit Windows operating system. It enables the WinOne® Command Prompt to choose to run 64-bit GUI programs when entered at the command prompt. If this option is switched off, then the WinOne® Command Prompt will run the 32-bit program instead.

  • Many WOW64 internal optimisations and improvements.