Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 7.7

  • Added Console Emulation to the WinOne® Command Prompt. Console Emulation allows the WinOne® Command Prompt to hook into the back end of a text based console application and emulate the console APIs that the text based console application uses, so that, the input and output will work from within the WinOne® Command Prompt window.

    You can switch on capturing the output of console applications from the Attributes... menu option in the the WinOne® Command Prompt system menu, select the Capture tab and set the desired options to enable capture. See Console Capture for more information.

    The following text based console applications have been tested with emulation :-

    1. PING.EXE - working
    2. NSLOOKUP.EXE - working
    3. NETSTAT.EXE- working
    4. IPCONFIG.EXE - working
    5. FTP.EXE - partially working, some output is still missing.
    6. TELNET.EXE - not working
    7. CMD.EXE - not working

    About 30% to 35% of all the console APIs are emulated at present. These are the most frequently used console APIs. More console APIs will be implemented in future version of the WinOne® Command Prompt. The current Console Emulator is version 1.2 (beta).

    The following files make up the Console Emulation package included in the WinOne® Command Prompt package :-

    1. WOLD32.EXE - the console application loader
    2. WOE32.EXE - the console emulator

    When using Console Emulation, and the option "Display copyright and version information" is ticked in the Capture tab, then the WinOne® Command Prompt will display the emulators copyright notice, along with the version of the emulator.

    If you need to mark a text based console application as not working, then use the CAPTURE command.

  • Added a new Capture tab, to the the WinOne® Command Prompt Attributes... system menu. When selected there are various options available for capturing the input and output of text base console applications. See Console Capture for more information.

  • Many internal optimisations and improvements

Revision A

  • Added in all the Windows version information for all the executables in the WinOne® Command Prompt package. To see the information, simply right click on an executable, select Properties and click on the Version tab :-

    WinOne® Version Information

  • All the WinOne® Command Prompt executables are now digitally signed. To see the digital signature, simply right click on one of the executables (eg. WIN_ONE.EXE), select Properties from the popup menu, then click on the Digital Signatures tab, highlight the certificate by Lucien Cinc and click on the Details button :-

    WinOne® Digital Signature

    Just under the title "Digital Signature Information", you should see the text "This digital signature is OK" for a valid digital signature. If the digital signature is not valid, then the executable has been altered/modified in some way. It could be a Virus!

  • Set the permissions needed by the WinOne® Command Prompt to require Administrator for User Account Control in Windows 7. When the WinOne® Command Prompt is run from with in a Standard User account under Windows 7, then depending on your security setting, you may be required to enter in the Administrator password to run the WinOne® Command Prompt :-

    Windows User Account Control

Revision B

  • Optimised the code for the WinOne® Command Prompt Programs... menu, which now runs at least an order of magnitude faster then previous versions of the WinOne® Command Prompt.

  • Added jpeg and gif support to the WinOne® Command Prompt using the GDI+ interface that is built into Windows 2000 onwards. This includes the WinOne® Command Prompt background image, which can now load jpeg and gif background images and the Font tab Preview window which can be a jpeg or gif in Windows 7 onwards.

  • Updated the VER command to identify all major Windows operating systems, up to and including the new Windows 8.

  • Added the following new Dynamic Environment Variables for the special built-in Windows folders :-

    3. MY_MUSIC
    5. MY_VIDEOS

  • Completed more of the WinOne® Command Prompt built-in Console Emulator which is now version 1.3 Beta.

  • I now use Virtualisation (ie. several Virtual PCs) to test the WinOne® Command Prompt on earlier versions of Windows. I are pleased to report that the WinOne® Command Prompt still functions correctly under all 32-bit versions of Windows including 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/8 and Win32s.

Revision C

  • Added an Icon cache to the WinOne® Command Prompt Programs... menu which can be switched on if the Programs... menu is still to slow after the optimisations that have been implemented in Revision B. The Icon cache is off by default and can be switched on by entering at the command prompt :-
    SETINI WinOne ProgMenuCache=1
    and then restarting the WinOne® Command Prompt for the change to take effect. To switch the cache off, enter at the command prompt :-
    SETINI WinOne ProgMenuCache=0
    and restart the WinOne® Command Prompt for the change to take effect.

  • Set the %CommonProgramFiles% and %ProgramFiles% environment variables under 64-bit Windows to point to the 64-bit directories, instead of pointing to the 32-bit directories.

  • When executing .Lnk files from the command prompt, on 64-bit Windows, the WinOne® Command Prompt will try both the 32-bit and 64-bit directories when instantiating any environment variables that are contained inside the .Lnk file.

  • Fixed the Programs... menu to work correctly under 64-bit Windows. Please note: under Windows 8, the Programs... menu can contain duplicate folder names, for example, Startup and StartUp. One is the 32-bit startup folder and the other is the 64-bit Startup folder. This is not a bug in the WinOne® Command Prompt.

  • Added a new WinOne® and 64-bit Windows help section which outlines some important differences when a 32-bit program is run under a 64-bit version of Windows.

  • Added a Buy button to the default WinOne® Command Prompt buttons which will go to our Buy Now web page. The button is not displayed once the WinOne® Command Prompt is registered and paid for. I trust this will make it easier for people to find our buy now web page and purchase the WinOne® Command Prompt.