Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 7.5

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt screen drawing routines have been redone. Previously all output drawn to the WinOne® Command Prompt window was directly drawing to the screen. This was slow and produced glitches on some video cards. Now the WinOne® Command Prompt draws everything to an off screen buffer and then draws that off screen buffer once to the screen. This is much faster then previously, since each direct screen draw is slow.

  • A picture can now be added to the background of the WinOne® Command Prompt window. There are some free backgrounds available for download on the WinOne® Command Prompt web site. See Screen Background for more information on background images.

  • The images for the User Definable Buttons are now anti-aliased under all windows operating systems. The bilinear filter used to reduce button images to 24 x 24 pixels in size is no longer used. Instead the WinOne® Command Prompt uses the default routines included in Windows, which produce higher quality image size reductions.

  • All the button images have been moved to a dynamic link library called woi.dll This library is replaceable so that you can make up your own button image themes. If you would like to share your button image themes please email me and I can make them available for others to download.

  • The dynamic library dibwapi.dll is no longer used by the WinOne® Command Prompt and an be deleted if found. The WinOne® Command Prompt now used the dynamic library called wodib.dll instead.

  • All the shortcut arrows have been removed from the Programs... system menu option. This is achieved using Object Linking and Embedding (ie. OLE32.DLL). If OLE32.DLL is missing then the shortcut arrows will be displayed. OLE32.DLL is usually installed with the operating system and there should be no need to install it separately.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt now correctly resizes itself when maximised and takes into account the system task bar.

  • The Attributes... dialog has been redone using the standard windows tab control. This looks more standard and works better. The tabs now are interconnected and changing an attribute on say the Size tab is reflected on the Font, Colour and Background tabs and so on.

  • The Font dialog now correctly recognises OpenType and TrueType fonts and displays the respective glyph for the font.

  • The Colour Editor dialog has been updated to include the HLS (ie. Hue, Saturation and Luminescence) colour model, which is a more intuitive model for editing colours.

  • The PATH environment variable is all but obsolete in Windows. No programs today set the PATH environment variable. Instead programs set the directory in which they are installed in into the system registry. The WinOne® Command Prompt now checks the registry when a program is not found in the PATH environment variable. The tab key also checks the registry when expanding file names that are not found in the PATH environment variable.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt no longer displays 'MSIMG32.DLL is not found' when the WinOne® Command Prompt is running on Win32s.

  • The drive bar now uses the standard drive icons for the operating system the WinOne® Command Prompt is running on. The custom drive icons are still available and can be switch back on by using the SETINI command as follows :-

    SETINI WinOne DriveIcon=1
    then restart the WinOne® Command Prompt for the change to take effect. Similarly, to switch off the using of custom drive icons enter at the command prompt :-

    SETINI WinOne DriveIcon=0
    and restart the WinOne® Command Prompt for the change to take effect.

  • There is now two types of text highlighting, solid and alpha blended. The Solid highlight is the default and is very fast. The alpha blended highlight is similar to the see-through square that explorer displays in Windows XP. Since alpha blending is very slow, it is disabled by default, but can be switched on by entering at the command prompt :-

    SETINI WinOne AlphaHighlight=1
    and restarting the WinOne® Command Prompt. To switch alpha blended highlighting off, enter at the command prompt :-

    SETINI WinOne AlphaHighlight=0
    and restart the WinOne® Command Prompt.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt now supports triple mouse clicks (left button), which highlights the complete line on the screen.

  • When the WinOne® Command Prompt now checks for updates the check is performed asynchronously instead of synchronously. Asynchronous checks are non-blocking and the WinOne® Command Prompt will no longer lock-up when a slow internet fetch occurs.

  • New SENDMAIL command to send text emails. Command SENDMAIL has the following syntax :-

    SENDMAIL address "subject"
    Command SENDMAIL will read from standard input until ^Z signals the end of file. This command is implemented using the Messaging Application Programming Interface (ie. MAPI) and MAPI is supported by almost all mail client software under windows.

  • New GETHTTP command to download a file from a HTTP server on the internet and has the following syntax :-

    GETHTTP [/C][/F][/Q][/Y] "[http://]host[/path[/file]]"
    /CConnect to the internet if not already connected
    /FForce the download of the file. By default the cache is checked for the file first, then the server is checked for a new file. /F overrides the default behaviour.
    /QQuite mode.
    /YDefault to yes for all questions. By default if the file exists on the local hard drive the message "Overwrite (Y/N)?" is displayed.
    Parameter path and file name can include space characters. If parameter file is not specified, then index.html is assumed to be the file name.

    Command GETHTTP is asynchronous (ie. non-blocking) and ^C can be used to cancel the file download.

  • Many internal optimisations and improvements