Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 7.3

  • This version of the WinOne® Command Prompt has been completely recompiled using Borland C++ 5.02. Borland C++ 5.02 is a more strict compiler and includes new optimisations which have been switched on to produce faster running code.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented external commands from being run from a directory that contained space characters. This has now been corrected.

  • Fixed a bug with the CPU detection code that under some circumstances could result in an error stating that the CPUID instruction is not allowed to be executed on this computer. This should no longer happen.

  • Command UNZIP was not displaying the extracted path correctly. This has now been corrected.

  • User definable buttons can now include space characters for the button name.

  • Multiple associations are now Windows XP theme-aware. When themes are enabled on Windows XP the buttons are now drawn using the theme Win32 API.

  • The Tabs in the Attribute window have been redone to look more 3D.

  • When the option Mail checking is enabled, the WinOne® Command Prompt will only display "You have new mail" when new mail arrives and will not longer display "You have mail" when there is mail in your inbox. Also, a problem where the current directory was being changed during the sign-in process has been corrected.

  • The Tab key now expands names even if an incorrect directory separator is used. For example, when / is used as a directory separator and unix mode is switched off the tab key will automatically convert / to \ and continue expanding names.

  • New %~ modifiers for replaceable batch parameters, which have the following syntax :-

    ~remove any surrounding double quotes (ie. ").
    ~areturn the file attributes.
    ~dreturn the drive letter only.
    ~freturn the fully qualified path name.
    ~nreturn the file name only.
    ~preturn the path only.
    ~sthe path returned contains short names only.
    ~treturn the date/time of file.
    ~xreturn the file extension only.
    ~zreturn the size of file.
    ~$env:search the directories listed in the environment variable and return the fully qualified name of the first one found. If the environment variable name is not defined or the file is not found by the search, then an empty string is returned.
    numthe replaceable batch parameter 0 to 9.
  • Similarly, procedures also include the %~ modifiers for parameters passed to a procedure.

  • New /num switch for command SHIFT, which will start shifting parameters from parameter num instead of parameter 0.

  • Command DIR now uses the international date and time formats in the directory listing. To change the date and time formats go to the Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel. Originally, the WinOne® Command Prompt used dd.MMM.yy for the date and H:mm for the time.

  • New switches for command DIR :-

    /Ddisplays a wide directory list in columns.
    /Xdisplays short filename equivalents next to the long filename. If not short name exists, then spaces are displayed instead.
    /4force the displaying of 4 digit file dates..
  • Command CD and CDD now accept directories that contain space characters without the need to use double quotes around the directory name. Command CD also includes a new /D switch which will cause CD to behave like CDD.

  • New /A switch for command DEL, which will delete files with the specified file attributes.

  • The WOIO SDK 4.5 includes the following new features :-

    1. internal buffers have been increased to 4K.

    2. 64-bit support has been added to the following functions :-

      • limit() - set upper limit for the percent indicator.
      • inc() - increment the percent indicator.
      • filezise() - return the file size.
      • filencpy() - copy n bytes of a file to another file.
      • filecpy() - copy a file to another file.
      • filencat() - concatenate n bytes of a file to another file.
      • filecat() - concatenate a file to another file.
      • atoi64() - convert a string to a signed 64-bit integer.
      • atoui64() - convert a string to a unsigned 64-bit integer.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt version 7.3 will still run external commands compiled with earlier versions of the WOIO SDK.

  • When the WinOne® Command Prompt is working with files on an NTFS partition, file sizes greater then 4 gig are now fully supported by all commands and the WOIO SDK. At present, NTFS is the only file system that supports files greater then 4 gig is size.

  • The CALC command now includes 64-bit numbers. Similarly, Command IF and Command LET also include 64-bit numbers.

  • A new external command TAIL has been added to the WinOne® Command Prompt package.

  • The trial version of the WinOne® Command Prompt is now a fully functional trial of the WinOne® Command Prompt and includes everything that is in the version of the WinOne® Command Prompt that you can purchase. The free trial version of the WinOne® Command Prompt is still time limited. The names Lite and Pro are no longer used. See the Shareware and Registration section for more information on purchasing the WinOne® Command Prompt.