Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 7.0

This version includes fixes for problems that have appeared in the WinOne® Command Prompt since I stopped coding the WinOne® Command Prompt back in late 1996. Some of the fixes include :-

  • Correctly displaying disk sizes greater then 2gig in size in commands like DIR and DISK. The percentage done indicator on the Status Bar no longer resets to zero when a copy includes more then 2 gig worth of files.

  • The year displayed in dates (eg. Command DIR) now includes the leading '0'. For example: 21.Apr.02.

  • Better long file names support for the Drive Bar at the bottom of the WinOne® Command Prompt window. When long file names are available the Drive Bar will use them.

  • The Use Recycle Bin option has been fixed.

  • The 'Programs' menu item now displays the Start Menu\Program Manager groups for the respective operating systems.

  • Recompiled and updated the help files with HCW.EXE. HCW.EXE produces help files that display correct images with desktops larger then VGA.

  • The buttons now use the Tahoma Type font and should be correctly displayed on all operating systems now.

  • Updated the Ctl3d32.dll libraries to the newest versions. The WinOne® Command Prompt only installs the respective ctl3d32.dll library on Win32s, Windows 95/98/NT. All other operating systems (eg. Windows 2000 and Windows XP) install their own versions when the operating system is installed.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt now uses the colour schemes set in Windows to paint the respective controls (eg. Drive Bar, Dialog Windows, Buttons and so on).

  • Included some 256 color bitmaps which will be used when the WinOne® Command Prompt is running on an operating system that is using 256 colours or more. When the WinOne® Command Prompt is running on a display with less then 256 colours only 16 colour bitmaps are used.

  • Supported operating systems include: Win32s 1.30c running on Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP.