Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 6.8

  • Support for both Short and Long Tabs for file name completion.

  • Command START will display the respective Explorer folder window when a directory is specified for parameter program and the WinOne® Command Prompt is running on Windows 95 or later.

  • Added a System Menu option to use small or large buttons at the top of the WinOne® Command Prompt window. See User Definable Buttons for more information.

  • New button separators may be added or removed between buttons on the Button Bar.

  • Status Bar improvements, including :-

    1. New colour schemes for the Status Bar.
    2. Toggle to switch the digit highlighting on or off.

  • New Function key support. Text strings may be set to any of the function keys (excluding the F10 key) and modifiers used with function keys, such as all combinations of the Shift and Control keys.

  • A 256 colour editor to allows the red, green and blue (RGB) values to be set for the default 16 colours used by the WinOne® Command Prompt. See Custom Colours and Colour Schemes for more information.

  • New TrueType fonts, including Lucida Console (Windows NT 3.51 and above) and Courier New may be selected and used by the WinOne® Command Prompt. See Variable Font Sizes for more information.

  • Comprehensive debugging support for batch files using the TRACE command, including single step, running, stopping and environment variable manipulation while a batch file is being debugged.

  • Ability to run Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 .LNK files (more commonly referred to as shortcuts) directly from the command prompt.

  • New internal windows commands, including :-

    • General pop-up window commands :-

      1. MSGBOX - Display a message in a pop-up window.
      2. EDITBOX - Display an edit field in a pop-up window.
      3. DISPBOX - Display the contents of a plain text file in a pop-up window.

    • File name pop-up window commands :-

      1. OPENBOX - Display a file and directory selection pop-up window suitable for retrieving an existing file name.
      2. SAVEBOX - Display a file and directory selection pop-up window suitable for retrieving a file name that does not exist.

    • Windows message command :-

      1. POSTMSG - Post a message to a window.

    • Clipboard commands :-

      1. CLIP - Place a line of text into the clipboard.
      2. CLIPDISP - Display any text in the clipboard.

    • Dynamic data exchange (DDE) commands :-

      1. DDEEXEC - Send an execute command to an application.
      2. DDEREQ - Send data to an application.
      3. DDEPOKE - Request data from an application.

    • Device control commands :-

      1. DEVICES - List all the devices available on a system.
      2. EJECT - Eject a CD-ROM.
      3. VOLUME - Set or get the volume level for an audio device.

  • New internal string batch commands, including :-

    1. STRFIND - Find the first occurrence of a string within the specified text.
    2. STRRFIND - Find the last occurrence of a string within the specified text.
    3. STRREP - Replace all occurrences of a string within the specified text with another string .
    4. STRTRIM - Remove leading and trailing space characters from a text string.
    5. STRREV - Reverse all the characters in a text string.

  • Re-implemented the external command FUNC which was included in the 16 bit version of the WinOne® Command Prompt. Command FUNC allows Win32 API functions to be called at run time.

  • New replaceable parameter %* which returns a batch files original command line tail.

  • New multi-dimensional environment variables. See batch files for more information.