Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 6.6

  • Support for multiple configurations. A user is now able to specify a configuration file as a parameter to the WinOne® Command Prompt (not to be confused with Multiple User). See WinOne® Parameters for more information.

  • New internal batch commands, including :-

    • Data manipulation commands :-

      1. DATA - Clear or add items to a global list.
      2. READ - Read the next item from the global list.

    • Environment Manipulation commands :-

      1. SETLOCAL - Set the localisation of environment variables.
      2. ENDLOCAL - End the localisation of environment variables.

    • System registry commands :-

      1. GETREG - Retrieve a value from the System Registry.
      2. SETREG - Set or Delete a value from the System Registry.

    • Miscellaneous command :-

      1. GETNUM - Wait for a sequence of characters forming a number.

  • New internal commands, including :-

    1. FINDREG - Search the registry for a string.
    2. XSET - Display, set or remove a persistent environment variable.

  • New dynamic environment variables including :-

    1. DATE_FORMAT- International date format.
    2. SCREEN_WIDTH- Current screen width.
    3. SCREEN_HEIGHT- Current screen height.
    4. WHERE_X- Horizontal cursor location.
    5. WHERE_Y- Vertical cursor location.
    6. DISK_DRIVE- Current disk drive letter.
    7. DISK_PATH- Current working directory.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt will now parse %# in a batch file to return the number of command line parameters passed to a batch file. See Batch Files for more information.

  • Support for international date formats. All dates are either specified or displayed according to the default system date format. The default system date format is set via the International icon in the Control Panel.

  • The random desktop wallpaper changer has been transferred to a simple batch file which achieves the same result. See the example batch file for command DATA.

  • New support for running 16 bit non-text mode programs in a separate VDM. See Program Run Options and command START for more information.

  • New pop-up directory window for the drive bar which enables the current directory to be set using the mouse instead of typing at the keyboard.