Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 6.5

  • New escape character (ie. '^') which is used to over-ride the meaning of any special characters.

  • The CALC key word is no longer needed for command IF. When using an expr with the IF command the brackets around the expr is sufficient for the WinOne® Command Prompt to recognise which syntax is being used. For example :-

    IF (100 / 5 >= 30) { ECHO true } ELSE { ECHO false }
    The above command will display the word "false". The WinOne® Command Prompt will still parse the IF CALC syntax for backward compatibility.

  • Command CALC has been extended to include floating point numbers. Floating point numbers allow decimal points and exponents to be used in an expression. Also command CALC includes a number of scientific functions (eg. SIN, COS etc).

  • Command FOR has been extended to accommodate floating point numbers.

  • New command LET which evaluates an expression and sets the result to the specified environment variable.

  • Can load or save the additional following file formats to and from the clipboard :-

    1. TXT (plain text)
    2. DIB (device independent bitmap)
    3. RLE (run length encoded bitmap)

  • Re-implemented the DRAG commands which was available in the 16 bit version of the WinOne® Command Prompt. The DRAG command can drag one or more files from the WinOne® Command Prompt to another window that can accept files.

  • Improved the look of all the Load and Save windows. Also, all these windows will now remember the last path that a file was either opened from or saved to.

  • New context sensitive help using the F1 key for the WinOne® Command Prompt command line and for the added system menu additions.

  • New sound effects for particular events associated with the WinOne® Command Prompt. Event sounds are manipulated via the system menu.

  • Additional fonts for the WinOne® Command Prompt may be added via the Font Size window, accessed from the system menu.

  • The screen size and/or the scroll back buffer may now be set via the system menu.

  • Added two alarm clocks to the status bar. The alarm clocks are accessed via the system menu.