Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 6.4

  • New dynamic environment variables that are instantiated at run time. See Batch Files for more information.

  • New internal batch commands, including :-

    • Text string commands :-

      1. COMMA - insert commas into a number.
      2. STRPAD - pad a string with spaces.

    • File manipulation commands :-

      1. READLN - get a line of text from a file.
      2. FILESIZE - get the size of a file.
      3. FILEDATE - get the date of a file.
      4. FILETIME - get the time of a file.
      5. FILETYPE - get the type of a file (ie. TEXT or BINARY).

    • Initialisation file commands :-

      1. SETINI - set or delete a key value from an initialisation file.
      2. GETINI - get a key value from an initialisation file.

    • Date commands :-

      1. DATE2SER - convert a date to a serial date value.
      2. SER2DATE - convert a serial date value to a date.

  • Additional FOR syntax to loop through a range of numbers :-

  • FOR %variable IS num1 TO num2 [STEP num3] DO command
  • New /N switch for command COPY, MOVE, SCOPY and SMOVE which will convert files with long file names to their equivalent short file names.

  • Many new switches for command DIR, including G, N, E, D, T, C, W, B, J, F, V.

  • New mail support which displays "You have new mail" when enabled and there is new unread mail waiting in your incoming mail box.

  • New pop-up history list window which contains your complete command history. The history window is displayed using the HISTORY command.

  • New /C switch for working with Common Program Manager groups. The default behaviour of command GROUP is to work with Private Program Manager groups.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt will automatically look for a STARTUP.BAT batch file in the same directory in which the WinOne® Command Prompt is installed and if found the WinOne® Command Prompt will execute it on start up.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt can now be set as the default startup shell replacing the Program Manager. The default startup shell can be set with the internal command SHELL.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt can now be set to capture the input and output of Win32 console programs that use streamable input/output. See the CAPTURE command for more information.

  • The Attributes option in the system menu contains a new Run option which can set or reset the default behaviour of programs that are run from the command prompt. See Program Run Options for more information

  • Improved the help file which now includes information that was considered "assumed knowledge". These additions document features that have always been included in the WinOne® Command Prompt and they do not necessarily represent new features, unless stated above.