Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 6.3

  • New insert or overwrite mode for the WinOne® Command Prompt command line. Press the INSERT key to toggle insert or overwrite mode. When insert mode is on a vertical bar is used for the cursor, otherwise, a block is used for the cursor.

  • Added a drive bar, running along the bottom of the WinOne® Command Prompt window. The drive bar displays all your disk drives connected to your computer. This includes network drives. Click on the desired drive icon using the mouse pointer to change to that disk drive.

  • Also, pressing the left mouse button on the drive bar background is equivalent to pressing the enter key. Similarly, pressing the right or middle buttons on the drive bar background is equivalent to typing DIR at the command prompt.

  • The drive bar or the button bar can now be removed from the WinOne® Command Prompt window.

  • The WinOne® Command Prompt is now compiled so that it may run under Win32s installed on Windows 3.1. Win32s is a package from Microsoft which allows some 32-bit programs to run under Windows 3.1. At the time of this release the latest version of Win32s is version 1.25.

  • Improved the history list up and down arrows keys which can scroll though your history list for all command lines that start with the same sequence of characters entered at the command prompt. When there is no characters entered at the command prompt then using the up and down arrow keys will simply scroll though you command history list starting with the most recent command line to the oldest command line.

  • New /B switch for the HISTORY command that can be used to clear the history list.

  • New functions have been added to the External Command SDK, including :-

    scroll() - scroll a specified number of lines on the screen.
    scrflush() - update the screen.
    insline() - insert a line at the specified position.
    delline() - delete a line at the specified position.
  • When running any non-text mode type programs the WinOne® Command Prompt will only launch the program and return the command prompt immediately by default. To change this behaviour see Program Run Options for more information.

  • Many internal optimisations and improvements.