Command Prompt for Windows

New Features in Version 6.1

  • Support for long file names. All commands that use file and path names can be used with both long and short file names. Long file names are currently available on the following file systems :-

    1. HPFS - High Performance File System.
    2. NTFS - New Technology File System.

  • Use the improved VOL command to display information about a file system used for a disk drive.

  • Many internal commands have been re-written or improved to take advantage of the new functionality in Win32.

  • External commands now have a .EXC file extension. Previously, external commands had a .EXE file extension. A .EXC file extension allows external commands to be given a higher level of precedence over .COM, .EXE and .BAT files. For example, when both UNZIP.EXE and UNZIP.EXC exist and only UNZIP is entered at the command prompt, the WinOne® Command Prompt will execute UNZIP.EXC.

  • Environment variables are now substituted on the command line. For example, enter at the command prompt :-

  • will display D:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CMD.EXE

  • Improved the functionality and speed of pseudo file name completion using the TAB key. For example, quote marks are now automatically placed around file names that include space characters. See the TAB key example for more information.