Command Prompt for Windows


Welcome, and thanks for trying the WinOne®!

WinOne® is a Command Prompt, similar in concept to the shell CMD.EXE, except that the WinOne® has been designed to enable you get the most out of your Windows operating system.

WinOne® attempts to make various tasks in Windows easier to access and complete, to enable you to be more productive when there is a need to work at the command line level. WinOne® provides a rich set of command line and batch file commands, including additional convenience functionality accessed via the System Menu.

Essentially, WinOne® provides a very powerful working environment, without sacrificing the flexibility and control you get from working at the command prompt level.

WinOne® is distributed as a Commercial Shareware Program. Please read the Shareware and Registration section and the Licence Agreement, which describes the terms and conditions of use for WinOne®.