Command Prompt for Windows

Standard Batch Commands

Standard Batch Commands are commands that are used inside batch files and are standard to DOS. They include :-

  • CALL
  • Run a second batch file, then return to the first batch file.
  • ECHO
  • Display a message or turns echo on or off.
  • End the localisation of environment variables.
  • FOR
  • Perform a command a number of times or for each file in a set.
  • GOTO
  • Jump to another part of the batch file.
  • IF
  • Perform conditional processing in a batch file.
  • Suspend processing of a batch file and display a message.
  • REM
  • Allows comments inside a batch file.
  • SET
  • Display, set or remove environment variables.
  • Set the localisation of environment variables.
  • Change the position of replaceable parameters in a batch file.