Command Prompt for Windows

Software Development Kit

The External Command SDK is a library that allows programs to interact (ie. preform I/O functions) with the main WinOne® Command Prompt window. The SDK is essentially an abstract layer that sits on top of a normal windows program and provides a number of functions, that hides what is necessary to write a windows program. In fact a program written using the SDK, will look more like a DOS program then a Windows program. For example, external command programs use main() as the entry point, just like DOS programs do, and printf() will write to the main WinOne® Command Prompt window (ie. a virtual screen), just like DOS programs write to the screen.

The SDK greatly simplifies the writing of programs intended for execution by the WinOne® Command Prompt. Those of you familiar with Windows programming would known just how much code is needed to displaying something as simple as "hello, world" inside a window. It takes about 2 pages of code to do this properly, registering a class, set-up up an event loop to handle events like WM_PAINT, creating a font, etc. Using the External Command SDK the same can be accomplish with a few lines of code :-

#include "woio.h"                                          
int main(void)
    printf("Hello, World\n");

    return 0;                              

There are some additional things that need to be set-up correctly before the above program will work, for example, the project file, renaming the .EXE to a .EXC, and so on. Apart from these extra things that are needed, some programs will only need to be modified to include the SDK to compile. However this will NOT generally be the case.