Command Prompt for Windows

Context Menu Additions

Context menus are menus that explorer displays when an icon is selected using the right mouse button. These context menus often contain options that are relevant to the icon selected, that would otherwise not be accessible from simply double clicking on the icon. The WinOne® Command Prompt adds various options to the default context menus depending on the type of icon selected (ie. folders, programs, external commands and batch files). A small WinOne® Command Prompt icon appears next to an option that has been added to a context menu. This allows the option to be quickly found and selected. Context menu additions are enabled by default. They can be disabled in the System tab (select the Attributes... option in the WinOne® Command Prompt system menu and go to the System tab).


Right click on any Explorer folder icon and 2 additional options are added to the system context menu, 1) to browse the current folder and 2) to browse into the folder selected. For example, when in the root directory of drive C, right clicking on the WINDOWS folder adds 2 options to the system context menu (as in the image above). Simply, select the folder to browse and the WinOne® Command Prompt will be launched and the current directory will be set to the chosen folder.

.BAT, .CMD and .WBT batch files

Right click on any .BAT or .CMD batch file and 5 additional options are added to the system context menu as below :-

The last 2 options allow the batch file to be run with CMD.EXE or COMMAND.COM (whichever might be the case). For .WBT batch files the 2 CMD.EXE or COMMAND.COM options are not included in the context menu as .WBT batch files will only run from the WinOne® Command Prompt.

.COM, .EXE and .EXC programs

Right click on any .COM, .EXE or .EXC program and 3 additional options are added to the system context menu as below.

When the option to specify parameters is selected a window is displayed where additional parameters can be entered, as below :-

Simply, enter the parameters and click on the OK button to execute the program with the desired parameters.