Command Prompt for Windows

Command TASKS


Display a list of the current tasks or performs a specified action on a task.


TASKS [ [hwnd | "title" | "class"] state] [/V]
hwndSpecifies the window handle.
titleA string that specifies the window caption or part of the window caption.
classA string that specifies the window class name or part of the window class name.
stateSpecifies the action to perform :-
CLOSEend a program
MINdisplay window as icon
MAXdisplay maximised window
SHOWdisplay a previously hidden window
HIDEhide window
RESTOREdisplay window in it original size and position
ONTOPset a window to be the top most window
NOTONTOPreset a window to no longer be the top most window
TERMINATEforce a program to exit (ie. terminate)
IDLEset idle process priority
NORMset normal process priority
HIGHset high process priority
/VVerbose mode display


Type TASKS without an parameters to display a list of window handles and captions.

Verbose mode will also display window class names.

When the parameter hwnd, title or class is not specified then the action is performed on the WinOne® Command Prompt itself.