Command Prompt for Windows

Command START


Start a program and return the command prompt immediately.


START ["title"] [/num][/V][/W] program [parameters]
/numA number which specifies how the program window is shown :-
1Normal (default).
/EStart a program with elevated privileges (ie. as Administrator).
/VRun the program in a separate VDM.
/WWait for the program to end.
programSpecifies the program to execute.
parametersSpecifies the parameters, for the program that is to be executed.


Users are encouraged to use the following method, to place a task into the background, instead of using the START command. When the WinOne® Command Prompt executes any program, that creates its own window, then switching back to the main WinOne® Command Prompt window and pressing the control key and the z key together (ie. CTRL Z)., will return the command prompt, immediately.

Only 16 bit non-text mode programs can be run in a separate VDM. A separate VDM allows these programs to pre-emptively multi-task. This option is only effective on Windows 2000 or higher and is ignored in all other cases.

When a directory name is specified for parameter program, then the respective Explorer folder is displayed for the directory.