Command Prompt for Windows

Command SHELL


Set the Windows default start up shell or program list.


SHELL [prog1,prog2,...]
prog1,prog2,...Specifies the list of programs to start when Windows is started.


Must have system administrator privileges to set the start up shell or program list.

Each program can include an optional drive and path. When a program is not located in the PATH environment variable, then the program name must be a fully qualified filename, including the drive and path.

When specifying the list of programs each program must be separated by commas.

When no parameters are specified, command SHELL will display the current shell setting, that is, the current list of programs Windows will run on start up.

Also see Program Manger Replacement.


Before setting the default start up shell make a note of the current shell setting.

Should any difficulties arise with the new shell, then restore the previous shell, either by using the SHELL command or by manually setting the System Registry key value (ie. by running REGEDT32.EXE via the Task Manager) :-

      \Windows NT
            \Shell=pervious shell setting