Command Prompt for Windows

Command PROMPT


Changes the command prompt.


PROMPT [text]
textSpecifies a new command prompt.

Prompt can be made up of normal characters and the following special codes :-

$A& (ampersand)
$B| (pipe)
$C( (left parenthesis)
$DCurrent date
$EEscape code (ASCII code 27), See ANSI Graphics
$F) (right parenthesis)
$G> (greater-than sign)
$HBackspace (erases previous character)
$I{ (left brace)
$J} (right brace)
$L< (less-than sign)
$NCurrent drive
$PCurrent drive and path
$Q= (equal sign)
$S&NBSP; (space)
$TCurrent time
$VWindows version number
$ZCurrent command line number
$$$ (dollar sign)
$_Carriage return and linefeed


Type PROMPT without any parameters to reset the prompt to the default setting.