Command Prompt for Windows

Command PRINT


Print a text file via the Printer Manager.


PRINT [[drive:][path]filename ["printer"]] [/L] [/N] [/S] [/tabstop]
filenameSpecifies the file to print.
printerSpecifies the name of the printer to use.
/LLarge font size.
/NNormal font size. This is the default font size used to print a file.
/SSmall font size.
/tabstopNumber between 1 to 8 inclusive. Specifies the number of space.

Print Setup:

Type PRINT with no parameters to display the Printer Setup window :-

Select the printer to configure and press the Setup button to change that printers configuration. Changes to a printers configuration is reflected system wide.


Wildcards are not allowed for parameter filename.

When parameter printer is not specified then the print job is sent to the default printer.