Command Prompt for Windows

Command GETINI


Get an initialisation file key value or enumerate all the key names in a section. The value is stored in an environment variable called GETINI.


GETINI section key [filename]
sectionSpecifies the section that contains the desired key.
keySpecifies the key whos value is to be retrieved.
filenameSpecifies the initialisation file name.


Initialisation files generally have a .INI file extension.

The file extension must be included as part of the file name when parameter filename is specified (eg. WIN.INI).

When parameter filename is not specified then WIN_ONE.INI is used. Since WIN_ONE.INI is automatically mapped to the System Registry, then retrieving a key value from WIN_ONE.INI will retrieve the key value from the System Registry.

When parameter key is specified as an empty string (ie. "") then command GETINI will enumerate all the key names contained in the specified section and create a list which contains all the key names separated by commas.

Example on using GETINI.

Also see command SETINI, GETREG, SETREG and Batch Files.