Command Prompt for Windows

Command DUMP


Displays the contents of any file.


DUMP [drive:][path]filename [offset] [/A] [/D] [/H] [/Z]
filenameSpecifies the file to display.
offsetSpecifies the starting offset in the file.
/ADisplay characters only.
/DDecimal output.
/HHexadecimal output.
/UUse 16-bit Unicode characters.
/ZDisplay offsets starting from zero.


The output is colour coded to make it easier to recognise the different character types :-

MagentaLetter characters
CyanPunctuation characters
YellowDot character
GreenNumber characters
RedNull (zero) character
BlueCarriage return or Linefeed characters
WhiteUnprintable characters


The default output is in hexadecimal values with characters set to 8 bits. The /U switch will change command DUMP to use 16 bits for characters.

The /U switch can be combined with the /A, /D, /H or /Z switches.

Parameter offset can be specified as either a decimal or a hexadecimal value. A hexadecimal value must be preceded with the characters '0x'. For example, 255 in hexadecimal is 0xFF.

Also see command TYPE.