Command Prompt for Windows

Command DLGBOX


Create a dialog box.


DLGBOX "title" dlg_id x y cx cy [proc]
"title"A sequence of characters that specifies the dialog box caption.
dlg_idSpecifies a unique identifier for the dialog box.
xSpecifies the horizontal co-ordinate for the left hand side of the dialog box.
ySpecifies the vertical co-ordinate for the top of the dialog box.
cxSpecifies the width of the dialog box.
cySpecifies the height of the dialog box.
procSpecifies the name of the procedure to call once the dialog box is displayed.


Co-ordinates are relative to the top left hand corner of the client area of the main WinOne® Command Prompt window.

Parameter dlg_id, which is used to reference the dialog box, must be a unique value amongst all dialog boxes created with the DLGBOX command.

Also see command DLGITEM and DLGSHOW.