Command Prompt for Windows

Command COP


Put a value into a COM object property.


objEnvironment variable that contains a valid handle to a COM object.
propertySpecifies the name of the COM object property to set.
valueSpecifies the value to put into the COM object property.


Parameter value can be any of the following :-

environment variable- name of an environment variable containing a sequence of characters.
string- sequence of characters enclosed in double quotes.
number- a valid integer or real.
@true- boolean value for true. eg, -1
@false- boolean value for false. eg, 0
@null- pointer value for NULL. eg. 0

Internally, the WinOne® Command Prompt will convert from one type to another type, as the COM object requires. For example, if a COM object is expecting an integer and the string "10" is passed instead, the WinOne® Command Prompt will automatically attempt to convert the string into an integer and so on. If the value specified can not be successfully converted to the correct type then a suitable error message is displayed.

Also see command COG, COM and Automation.