Command Prompt for Windows

Command CBDIR


Add a list of file names to the list box of a combo box.


CBDIR dlg_id id attr spec
dlg_idSpecifies the identifier of the dialog box that contains the combo box.
idSpecifies the identifier of the combo box.
attrSpecifies the attributes of the files to add to the list box of a combo box. It can be the addition of any of the following values :-
0 Readwrite Includes read-write files with no additional attributes.
1 Readonly Includes read-only files.
2 Hidden Includes hidden files.
4 System Includes system files.
16 Directory Includes sub-directories. Sub-directory names are enclosed in square brackets (ie. [ ]).
32 Archive Includes archived files.
16384 Drives Includes drives. Drives are listed in the form [-x-], where x is the drive letter.
32768 Exclusive Includes only files with the specified attributes. By default, read-write files are listed even if Readwrite is not specified.
specA string that specifies file name to add to the list. If the file name contains any wildcards (eg. *.*), all files that match and have the attributes specified by parameter attr are added to the list.


Also see command CBADD, CBINSERT and CBDELETE.