Command Prompt for Windows

Batch File Examples

There are a number of batch files installed with the WinOne® Command Prompt, which highlight how powerful and flexible the batch fileming language included in the WinOne® Command Prompt is. All the batch program examples have a distinct entertainment flavour, however the WinOne® Command Prompt's batch language is general and can be used to write programs which are as simple or as complicated as one requires.

For more information about writing batch files see Batch Files in the main WinOne® Command Prompt help file.

The following batch files are supplied with the WinOne® Command Prompt :-

NameProgramDemonstrates the use of
Stonesstones.batComplex calculations.
Mazemaze.batMulti-dimensional environment variables, that is, arrays.
Elizaeliza.batREAD and DATA commands along with string handling functions.
Animalanimal.batarrays to implement a binary tree along with string handling functions.
Four in a Row4row.batDialog Boxes and how Dialog Boxes can be implemented from within a batch file along with procedure calls.