Command Prompt for Windows

Program Attributes

The system menu contains the Attributes... option, as below :-

When selected will display the Attributes windows containing the following eleven (11) tabs :-

Screen TabSet screen size, scroll back buffer and text highlight type.
Font TabChoose fonts and set font sizes.
Colour TabChoose colours and set colour schemes used by both the main WinOne® Command Prompt window and the Status Bar.
Background TabSet the background image for the main WinOne® Command Prompt window.
Sound TabSet the sounds for various sound events.
Alarm TabSwitch on/off and set the internal alarm clocks.
Key TabSet commands to be run from the keyboards F1 to F12 function keys.
Tab TabSet tab key expansion options for files/directories and commands.
System TabChoose various options for how the WinOne® Command Prompt interacts with the operating system, including context menus, recycle bin deletion, tray icon minimisation and ANSI/Unicode text for redirected output
Program TabSet various program run options and manage the No-Capture program list for console emulation.
Misc TabSet various miscellanious options, including checking for upgrades to the WinOne® Command Prompt, switching on/off the Programs menu cache, checking for mail, switching on Unix look and feel and choosing which Drive Bar icons the WinOne® Command Prompt displays.

Simply use the mouse to click on a tab to set the respective options related to the tab and when done, move onto the next tab. Once all the desired options have been set, click on the OK button to save the options choosen and put them into effect. If for any reason you wish not to save the changes that have been made, simply press the Cancel button and no changes will not saved.